What a week at Casa de Regan!

Looking back, it was probably just what we all needed, but boy did the week go differently than we imagined. It all started off so smoothly…

On Monday, our sweet Maddie completed her 90 day intensive therapy treatment here in Portland at the Parry Center. It is worth noting that in April we had no desire to send her to this program, but our faith in God led us to trust that greater is He than anyone in the world that Maddie would encounter. Let’s be honest about this – no one holding their tiny babies ever says, “Lord help us to one day find a wonderful treatment center that can help our daughter’s anxiety and depression while not exposing her to new behaviors that could lead her to darker dangers.” Yet in April that was pretty close to our heart.

Maddie came home with a gentle spirit, but also weak fromĀ a slight fever. We were so happy to see a resolve in her that had been missing for a while… a strength to persevere and a vision of a better future. For context, many words of encouragement, prayers, and CBT/DBT therapy had all played a part. But interestingly, it was reading Bob Goff’s “Love Does” that really brought some light back into Maddie’s mind. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it (especially for younger adults). Bob has some of the best, most inspiring faith-based stories I’ve read in a long time.

On Tuesday, Sydney left for a 5 day run at Washington Ranch, a YoungLife camp in Oregon, with a gaggle of high schoolers. To say she was excited would be an understatement! Sydney had already traveled this summer for a week back in Phoenix followed by a week in Los Angeles with her old SBC youth group on a mission trip serving the homeless in the inner city. The week was so inspiring that Sydney chose to follow the Spirit’s lead and she was Baptized in the Pacific Ocean on her final day! Getting that text was one of my happiest moments… I am so proud of the caring young lady that she is becoming.

Max meanwhile spent the week playing with new Oregon friends and working at a local pre-school farm. That’s right… my son has a job serving little people, and no surprise to us, they love him! His off time is spent out on the river behind our home paddle boarding or flying off the rope swing. It’s good to be 11 in Lake Oswego in the summer :)

As the week progressed, Maddie’s fever continued along with a new cough that wouldn’t go away. Finally on Friday her doctor confirmed the news – Maddie has pneumonia. Ugh! We took our girl to Randall Children’s Hospital Friday evening where she was admitted for breathing treatments and an IV full on antibiotics. Her color returned on Saturday and her vitals were steady. We hope to see more progress today so she can get an oral antibiotic and come back home. We only had her home for 5 days, and we were loving having her back in the house.

So a week of great moments, but with a very real illness that we are thankful we caught in time to treat it properly. As they say, never a dull moment!

My goal in sharing this blog is to use snapshots of our life of faith in action. I hope you are encouraged by our stories!

A Fresh Start

Friends, many of you by now have heard a glimpse of the story of Maddie Regan . Some of you know more of it and a few know most of it. Maddie has felt freedom to be able to post about her experiences on her page recently, and at 16 we have accepted her choice to share her story.

We encourage her transparency, primarily for 3 reasons: first, our family believes in truth… and the truth is, our daughter has had a life-long battle with anxiety that in the last two years has become overwhelming. Second, we believe in grace… Having the spirit of grace in our home allows us to speak about truth in love and to hold boundaries without loosing compassion. Third, we believe in forgiveness… We forgive each other, just as we have been forgiven by our Lord Jesus, even while we are still sinners.

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our family story. Maddie will complete her final day of full-time care in a therapeutic treatment facility and come home tomorrow. It is fair to say that we have mixed emotions. On one hand we are thrilled to have our family back together for a new season. On the other hand we recognize that Maddie is becoming a young woman, full of ambition, anxiety and hope. That means that our future will never quite look like the past again. We accept that and we look forward to this next chapter.

Tomorrow is an opportunity for a fresh start. An opportunity to have a different approach to new adventures. An opportunity to serve others and to be a light to families who need to know that there is another family out there walking by faith on feet of clay. An opportunity to heal. I’m sure Maddie will have much more to say about her personal story as she invests time into writing and one day publishing…

For today, I simply offer a glimpse into our story as a family, and I welcome any of you who want to know more about our grace based family to follow along. Our past is not perfect, and our future will not be easy. But our God is good, incredibly good… and our family is ready for a fresh start. Welcome home Maddie Regan!

Happy birthday Lori!

How fitting… the first post in our Regan Family blog is dedicated to my sweet bride. Lori is a woman of elegance and passion. Her spirit is spunky, fun, and loving. I am deeply in love with her and she is a blessing to our kids, our extended family, and many friends she has made along the way.

God called us to a lifetime of ministry together, and our journey has had many twists & turns… But great is her faithfulness.

Happy birthday to my sweet bride – I am more in love with you today than ever!

Last Year at the Golden Bee

Last Year at the Golden Bee